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In September 2018, the first, Blessing Bags Brunch was held at a small restaurant in Dallas, TX. Over 60 volunteers donated supplies to create 200 blessing bags for homeless men and women in the downtown area. Afterwards, volunteers mingled while enjoying brunch food and music. Many left the first event with a sense of a belonging. On that day, Blessing Bags Brunch became more than a volunteer event. It became an inclusive community for service-minded individuals.


Since our first event, Blessing Bags Brunch has expanded to create a culture in which "giving back" is a requisite component of the weekend, brunch experience. By partnering with local businesses to host each event, Blessing Bags Brunch works to support the local economy while building a safe and inclusive community for all racial, socioeconomic, religious, sexual and gender-identity groups. 

Since its inception, Blessing Bags Brunch has distributed more than 3,000 blessing bags through the support of over 200 volunteers and donors in Dallas, Texas. In 2021, we are excited to expand the initiative to other cities in the southern region.

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