In July 2018, a group of Dallas Millennials came together to create blessing bags for the homeless. Their goal was to utilize their collective resources to give back to those in need. The first group gathering included 20 volunteers and the creation of 60 blessing bags. After the gathering concluded, volunteers decided to meet up at a nearby restaurant for brunch. The group meal allowed former strangers to not only reflect on the positive impact they had made on those less fortunate than them. But it also allowed each volunteer to build new relationships and connections with other liked-minded individuals. And, from that first special gathering, the idea for Blessing Bags Brunch was born.


Founder, Catherine Lovett, aimed to refocus the perception of the Millennials as the “Brunch Generation” by creating an initiative that promoted community service, networking, and fellowship. In September 2018, the first Blessing Bags Brunch was held in Dallas, Texas. Over 60 Millennial professionals from across the DFW area came together at a locally owned restaurant to create 200 blessing bags.


Our Founder understood that community building involved more than just charitable giving and volunteering. It also included building relationships across all socioeconomic, religious, sexual and gender-identity based communities. By partnering with local businesses to host each event, Blessing Bags Brunch offers a safe and engaging space for volunteers to fellowship and network in their community.


In the year since our first event, Blessing Bags Brunch has distributed nearly 3,000 blessing bags through the support of over 200 volunteers in Dallas, Texas. In 2020, we are excited to expand our initiative to other cities in the southern region.

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